Take a “Leap of Faith!” Our Stunt Jump is definitely an attraction that can get one’s heart racing and adrenaline flowing. When spectators are on the ground cheering on potential jumpers, they don’t understand the hesitations. However, once a top the two stories (20′) platform their demeanor changes as does their perception as they now gaze at the bulls eye below. Some guests have zero fear as they leap to the ‘zero shock air bag.’ For those who overcome the fear they feel and take that “Leap of Faith” it’s exciting to see their pride and confidence! Those who refuse to jump can go to the side jump about half the height, to gather the courage. Waiver Release required. Please check our FAQ’s or see EXTREME for more information. Commonly heard, “AWESOME!”, “THE BEST!”, “WOW!”, “I’m scared!”, “LOOKS HIGHER!”, “I ‘M GONNA DO IT AGAIN!”